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My request was mailed on March 25, after having to drive up to see my daughter so SHE could request my OBC for me (because I have no proof of my name change that happened a few years after she was born). Our check “entered the system” on April 1st, and cleared our bank April 7th. Here I sit, trying to wait patiently and plan for the trip back up to see my daughter when it arrives in her mailbox. She’s been looking for it for almost a week. Meanwhile, my husband will be leaving town tomorrow for almost a week.

I try to prepare a plan for when it comes, because I require a plan in my daily life. I know I will Skype him, should it arrive while he’s gone. Will my three daughters want to be with me when I open it, and do I even want to wait for anyone else? So much of my life has been spent alone, secluded…even though I was adopted into a family of six older brothers. I’ll not say that there haven’t been times when I’ve appreciated the space, though. I have to wonder if it’s selfish of me to want to open that envelope alone or if I’ll want someone there. At times, I feel as though my large family is smothering and oppressive, just because they actually LIKE to be around me, and that my need to be separate and removed is a handicap.

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