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Snowshoes, Anyone?


Well, the snow is here on the Front Range and so is the cold. A high of 18 degrees has me pleased to know that my munchkins will be enjoying indoor recess this week. It also tells me that they’ll be playing some sports on the Wii to get their sillies out.

I hate the cold. I mean, I HATE it. That said, I do think it’d be pretty cool to have a pair of snowshoes for each of our family members to enjoy some icy outings. Who has snowshoes, and how much do you love them? The Colonel has been wanting to get some for quite some time now. But, the expense! Any recommendations out there? Or maybe you have some you’d like to donate? Hmm, I’m pretty sure I should start with getting some snow pants for myself…

What do YOU like to do when the cold sets in and the snowfall has begun?


3 thoughts on “Snowshoes, Anyone?

  1. Down here in the south, I’ve been praying for snow. Wish I had a pair of snow shoes to send to you.

    • I appreciate the generous sentiment. I’d send you some of our snow if I could. I’m guessing you’ll pass on my offer to send my temperature of a single degree your way, though?

      • I experienced negative temps when I live in Fairbanks, AK. I didn’t too much like plugging up my car in either. So you can keep your single digit degrees. LOL

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